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At Barrie Smile Centre, our team of dental professionals are equipped to offer multiple levels of sedation & sleep dentistry. We understand that sometimes maintaining optimal oral health and wellness can be difficult for some people. Unfortunately, many people have a fear of dentistry, some to such an extreme degree that it completely prevents them from ever seeing a dentist.

We can offer several options to help to alleviate the fear associated with going to the dentist. Whether it is "laughing gas" (nitrous oxide) to help relax a patient who has some slight nervousness or "sleep dentistry" (full sedation) for the extremely fearful or anxious patient, we have the solution to your dental anxiety. Sometimes dental work is necessary on very young children who are not able to understand and tolerate the procedures without some sedation. Why put a child through a difficult procedure when they could have their dental work done while they are asleep?

Who Can benefit from dental sedation?

  • Children who are anxious or very young
  • Patients with strong gag reflex
  • Adults who have severe dental fear
  • Patients with needle phobias (dental freezing)

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is often a great option for the anxious patient. We provide a relaxing sedative prescribed at the ideal dosage to induce sleepiness and comfort. This type of sedation alleviates anxiety, while providing conscious relaxation throughout your entire dental procedure.

IV Sedation (Intravenous)

IV sedation allows you to relax while remaining semi-conscious throughout the entire procedure. This allows you to communicate, cooperate, and follow the instructions given by the dentists during your procedure when necessary. Some patients prefer to be completely asleep which renders them fully unconscious throughout their entire dental appointment. Call us today so that we may guide you in selecting the best sedation option for you.

General Anaesthesia (Dentistry Asleep)

There are some patients, including very young children, disabled adults, and very fearful patients of any age who might require deeper sedation for dental treatment. At Barrie Smile Centre, we can accommodate your needs. We are pleased to offer General Anaesthesia (Dentistry Asleep) for your total comfort and peace of mind.

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