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Invisalign offers painless and fast results for those who want to fix their teeth without having to wear braces. In the dental world, this alignment treatment is known for being an invisible alternative to braces. Perfect for those in need of corrective alignment and treatment but who are unsure of the more traditional and bulkier look that metal braces give, Invisalign is a great choice to fix teeth discreetly and quickly.

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Why Invisalign

Using Invisalign offers results around 50% quicker compared to traditional metal braces

Invisalign provides greater comfort compared to other teeth aligning treatments.

Well reviewed and appreciated by many consumers, Invisalign offers one of the best quality teeth alignment services currently available.

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How Invisalign Works

The procedure behind Invisalign is simple and fairly easy to understand. To begin, we use x-rays as well as measurements so that we can create a custom plan for treatment. This ensures the aligners you will be receiving are perfectly made and fit just right. Once they are made and arrive, you can begin the treatment process and begin monitoring its progress.

You can wear and use Invisalign aligners with or without wisdom teeth. Regardless if you’re looking to have them removed or you prefer keeping them, they won’t interfere with the alignment process.

The alignment can be finished 50% quicker compared to traditional alignment methods if the patient maintains proper use and care of their invisible aligners.

The Processes Behind Invisalign

The processes behind Invisalign depend on an incredibly simple three-step flow that begins from the initial assessment up until the final alignment. Designed to result in straighter teeth, this treatment assures a better future for your dental health. Listed below are the three main steps.

Step 1

In order to help create your personalized treatment plan, an Invisalign dentist will take a series of X-ray scans of your mouth and teeth. Through the Invisalign treatment plan, the dentist will be able to picture the current state of your teeth and how they will look as they transition through the alignment process.

Step 2

This step is probably the most important and critical step in the entire Invisalign process. This is where your aligners are moulded and created specifically for you. These aligners are created especially for the shape of your mouth. Made from a smooth plastic material, the invisible braces ensure that your mouth won’t be irritated as the treatment progresses. The aligners are supposed to be taken out and replaced twice every month as you continue with your treatment and are not designed to be permanent.

Step 3

Finally, the last and most forward step is obviously to put on and wear your Invisalign aligners. As stated above, Invisalign aligners are meant to be made from a comfortable plastic material. You’re supposed to wear these for two-week periods before having them switched out and replaced by the next set. Because of this, a regular 50-week treatment means that patients will switch out their aligners 25 times throughout the whole Invisalign procedure. This may seem like too much, but this process is meant to correct misaligned and crooked teeth throughout the entire course of this treatment and therefore needs slight alterations to your aligners all throughout.

You should take note that you need to be wearing your aligners at all times, excluding the times when you eat and brush your teeth. For the normal patient, this means that the aligners are to be worn for 22 hours every day and shouldn’t be removed excessively nor played with. In the event that you fail to wear your aligners for the advise period of time, the results you expect may not be seen within your given period and a longer treatment period may be necessary. However, since the process adapts and changes, you may see a shorter or longer alignment process. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. The process of aligning your teeth is a long one, but the promise of straighter teeth is assured in the future.

Is Invisalign the Right Choice for You?

If you’re considering the Invisalign treatment, there are a few things that you should be considering.

First, Invisalign was made to remedy particular alignment issues and is not meant for everybody. It is a great treatment for gapped and crowded teeth as well as over, under, and crossbites. If you have other issues that are not stated above, other more traditional methods may be a better option for your overall dental health. Always consult your dentist before choosing a treatment for you.

Second, Invisalign isn’t a cheap treatment. The expense of technology required for the Invisalign teeth treatment is often a difficult hurdle for those who have limited or even zero dental coverage at all.

Third, Invisalign will only work on people who plan to be committed to the treatment. If they want the best possible outcomes to accrue, patients need to wear their aligner for 22 hours everyday. For some, this is incredibly difficult if not totally impossible. Regardless, the quality of this treatment totally depends on your ability to follow the strict regimen and routine.

Finally, as stated above, the Invisalign treatment is not for everyone. Although it was made for teenagers as well as adults who want to correct the alignment of their teeth without the bulk of traditional braces, it is always best to have a consultation with your dentist and undergo a complete assessment in order to find out if this treatment is the most favorable choice in order to improve your overall dental health.

After the Invisalign Treatment

After the process is finished, some work still needs to be done. In order for you to be able to keep your perfect smile, you will have to put in an extra effort into continuing proper dental and oral care. This also means your dentist may require you to wear a retainer at night.

Retainer treatment is certainly a part of the process, ensuring that the outcomes of your treatment are stable and permanent. You should also continue having regular check-ups with your dentist both throughout your treatment time and even after you're finished with the treatment. This ensures that there are no problems and concerns with cavities or other issues that may happen.

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How much does it cost to have the Invisalign treatment done?

Generally, the cost of the Invisalign treatment differs on a patient-to-patient basis. However the average cost of the treatment runs at around $5000-6000

Which is the cheaper choice? Invisalign or traditional braces?

The quality of the treatment and the results are dependent on what needs you have when it comes to dental care. Generally speaking, people consider traditional braces a more affordable option. However, they also have downfalls such as irritation and longer treatment processes.

Can Invisalign help with TMJ?

No. The Invisalign treatment cannot help with TMJ since it is considered as a chronic problem. However, patients with TMJ can have their teeth straightened and fixed while mitigating the issues that arise from traditional braces if they choose to undergo the Invisalign treatment process.

Will anyone be able to tell if I have the Invisalign aligners in?

The Invisalign aligners are made to be subtle and unnoticeable in how they correct your teeth, so people won’t normally see them. However, if your friends look very closely, they may be able to single out differences with how your teeth look. Staying away from coffee, wine, as well as cigarettes is a great way to keep your aligners from discoloring and becoming obvious.

Is it okay to eat with Invisalign?

No. The trays of Invisalign are meant to be removed when it’s time to eat. Just make sure to eat as quickly as you can and have a quick brush before putting your aligners back in to make sure that your treatment plan isn’t compromised.

Is it alright to remove my aligners if I want?

Technically, you can. However, Invisalign aligners are meant to stay in place for at least 22 hours everyday. The only times you should be removing your aligners are when you are eating food or when you are brushing your teeth. Other than that, the aligners should remain in place.

I broke/lost my aligner! What should I do?

If you break or lose an aligner, it is important to contact your Invisalign dental provider as early as you can. You need to make sure you get it replaced or repaired within the day so as to make sure you can wear it again as soon as you can.

Does my insurance in Canada cover Invisalign?

It all depends on the type of insurance your provider allows you to have. There are many top-tier dental care insurance providers available for you on the market. These insurance providers may cover partial or even the entire cost of undergoing the Invisalign treatment.

Will undergoing an Invisalign treatment fix my overbite?

The Invisalign treatment is meant to remedy multiple dental issues, including and overbite.

Will going through the Invisalign treatment be painful?

Compared to traditional alignment treatments, the Invisalign process is generally considered as painless. It provides a comfortable and painless experience because of the smooth plastic that was used in its creation. There are no metal wires or rubber bands involved and often delivers results faster than conventional metal braces.

Will I have difficulty speaking if I wear Invisalign aligners?

No. Invisalign’s aligners are designed to only impact and change your teeth while leaving along your speech. However, small alterations and adjustments may be noticed when you first wear your aligners. These adjustments are temporary and will not remain for the duration of your treatment.

Is it alright to drink when I’m wearing my aligners?

Yes, but only water. Other drinks that are colored may result in staining and discoloration, which will make your aligners more visible. In general, stay away from drinks like coffee, red wine, and other colored drinks.

How do I clean my Invisalign trays?

The best method in cleaning your trays is by hand. Get a soft, clean toothbrush and run your aligners under warm water and gently brush them.

After my treatment, is it still necessary to wear retainers?

It depends on the patient’s needs, but generally, yes. The Invisalign treatment is relatively short and patients are usually advised to wear retainers at night in order to keep their teeth from shifting back to their previous state.

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