Dr. Keyvan Tcherassen: Your Proficient Barrie Dentist and Oral Health Specialist

Dr. Preetpal Singh Nanda
Dr. Preetpal Singh Nanda

Why Dentistry?

Say hello to Barrie’s newest friendly dentist, Dr. Keyvan Tcherassen, affectionately known as Dr. T by his patients. Overcoming his own childhood fear of dental visits, Dr. Tcherassen's personal journey led him to a rewarding career in dentistry. Understanding the anxieties that often deter people from seeking dental care, he is committed to providing a compassionate and understanding approach to treatment.


Dr. Tcherassen's academic journey began at York University, where he earned his Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He then pursued his passion for oral health by obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the esteemed Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. His unique perspective as someone who once feared dental visits empowers him to create a welcoming environment for his patients.

Specializations and Services

Dr. Tcherassen is a comprehensive dentist with a keen interest in surgical procedures and dental implants. His commitment to oral health and disease prevention is underscored by his belief that prevention is the cornerstone of effective care. To ensure his patients' comfort, he employs nitrous and oral sedation techniques. Beyond his practice, Dr. Tcherassen extends his dedication to underserved communities, having provided dental services in disadvantaged areas of Jamaica and Guatemala.

In his leisure time, Dr. Tcherassen embraces his Italian heritage through culinary pursuits, indulging in cooking and baking Italian cuisine. He also finds joy in cycling, swimming, and traveling to his native Italy, often recreating flavors from home in his kitchen.

We are proud of our reputation

See what our patients are saying:

Dr. Tcherassen's dental prowess is matched only by his heart of gold. Walking into his practice, I was greeted with a warmth that instantly put me at ease. Dr. Tcherassen isn't just a dentist; he's a dental whisperer, turning appointments into pleasant experiences. Grateful for his compassion and expertise.

Dr. Tcherassen's a dental genius with a heart. His soothing techniques and surgical artistry made my implant procedure a breeze. An exceptional dentist with a caring touch.

Dr. Tcherassen embodies the perfect blend of skill and empathy. My dental anxieties melted away under his care, a testament to his understanding approach. His expertise in surgical procedures, especially dental implants, is undeniable. But it's the trust he builds, the comfort he provides through sedation, that truly sets him apart. His commitment to underserved communities resonates deeply, showcasing a dentist who cares beyond the clinic walls. Dr. Tcherassen transformed my perception of dentistry – he's a healer of both smiles.

Dr. Tcherassen's mastery in dentistry is rivaled only by his kindness. Dental implants were a breeze under his care. His patient-centered approach and community dedication make him a true standout.

Dr. Tcherassen redefines dental experiences. Dental implants were seamless, thanks to his surgical precision. His use of sedation techniques made every visit calm and painless.

From my first visit, his understanding approach put me at ease. His attention to patient comfort – the sedation techniques, the calming environment – is truly remarkable. Dr. Tcherassen isn't just a dentist; he's a conductor of smiles and a champion of care.

Dr. Tcherassen crafts more than smiles; he crafts comfort and confidence. His personal journey from dental fear paved the way for my ease during visits. Dental implants under his care were a revelation – precise and virtually painless. His use of sedation techniques transformed the experience.