When Dental Emergencies Strike, Barrie Smile Centre Has Got You Covered

No one plans to have a dental emergency in advance. In most cases, the emergency is due to factors beyond the control of the patient. The result is a problem that needs immediate attention. Knowing who to call when an emergency arises will make it easier to cope with the unexpected event, especially when those emergency dentists meet you at the clinic and begin to work their magic. These are a few ways that such a dental professional is looking out for you.

Being Available Nights and Weekends

In come cases, a dental clinic remains open around the clock. If that’s the case, you can make a quick call and then head to the clinic for treatment. At other times, member of the staff are on call outside of the standard business hours. With either scenario, you can rest assured that an emergency dentist will be available whenever you have need of immediate treatment.

All it will take is alerting the dental professional that you have experienced some type of Barrie dental emergency.After a few quick questions, the professional arranges a time to see you as quickly as possible. Even as you are making your way to the clinic or other medical site, the dentist is making preparations for your treatment.

Advice on What to Do in the Interim

When you call for emergency dental services and talk with a professional, you will likely be given some suggestions on what to do as you prepare to meet the emergency dentist. This may involve applying ice to the cheek, using something to help slow the bleeding, or taking some type of pain reliever that will not thin the blood. The goal is to provide some ideas of how to prevent the situation from getting worse until you arrive at the dental clinic. At that point, the dentist will take over and determine what needs to be done.

Following Up With Exams and Possibly More Treatments

An emergency dentist is trained to deal with the immediate issue and stabilize the patient. The first order of business will be to do whatever it takes to prevent further complications and provide you with as much relief as possible. In many cases, there may be the need for more treatment during standard business hours. Once the Barrie dental emergency is under control and it’s safe for you to return home, follow the dentist’s orders to the letter. The moment the dental clinic opens the next business day, call and schedule your followup visit.

While the hope is that you never have to make use of emergency dental services, knowing there is someone to call if you damage a tooth or wake up with severe gum swelling provides a lot of comfort. Ask your dentist about the provisions made for taking emergency calls after regular hours and make sure you know the procedure to follow. If you should have an emergency, knowing exactly who to call and what to do could make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.