What Will Life Be Like Once Your All on Four Implants are in Place?

13 March, 2018 Dental Implants Care,

You had never heard of all on four implants before. That’s the main reason why you immediately asked your dentist “what is all on four implants and why would I want them instead of some other option?" As you listen carefully to what your dental professional has to say, it will be easier to envision the way your life will chance for the better once the work is done. Here are some of the perks to consider closely.

Your Smile Looks Great

One of the reasons why all on four implants make sense is they do a lot to make your smile look its best. Other solutions certainly do look better than natural teeth that are yellowed, chipped, or worn down. Since you have to replace your real teeth, why not go with the solution that provides the best results. This implant option includes a plate that looks like a perfect set of teeth, both in appearance and in proportion.

Your Dental Hygiene Routine Remains Much the Same

Choosing options like dentures means creating a different dental hygiene routine that involves soaking, scrubbing dentures, and using products to ease irritation on the gums. If you opt for all on four implants, your general routine will be much like it was before.

You still brush the implant plate, and you use mouthwash to rinse away food particles. Annual exams are still part of the plan, and you can go in to have the plate cleaned just as you once went in for teeth cleanings. That’s a big plus if you are someone who prefers to not deal with all the fuss associated with dentures.

You Don’t Incur Extra Dental Costs

It’s true that the initial all on four price is more than dentures. The greater investment on the front end pays dividends on the back end. Those dividends are in the form of avoiding additional dental costs. There are no special cleaning agents or adhesives to buy and you don’t need anything special to keep the implants and the plate in great condition. As the years pass, the amount you save by not having to spend money on special products will make the all on four solution a good one.

You Will Go Decades Before Needing New All on Four Implants

Did you know that the average set of dentures will only last for around a decade? A major all on four advantage is that it could be as much as three decades before you need any replacement work. In that same time frame, you would’be purchase three to four sets of dentures. Along with saving money, you also save the time and effort that goes into being fitted for new dentures.

There’s a lot to be said in favor of all on four implants. Before you settle for a solution that does not really provide all the benefits you want, take the time to learn more about these implants. After you compare it with other options, choosing the most effective one will not be difficult.