What are The Issues a Dental Implant Can Fix?

2 April, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Dental implants continue to become the solution of choice for people who have lost teeth. Whether the plan is to replace a single missing tooth or to invest in implants that replace an entire set of teeth, there are specific issues that they will correct or prevent. If you are interested in knowing more about what implants can do for you, consider these benefits.

Restoring Your Smile

Teeth are lost for all sorts of reasons. Gradual decay may lead to extracting teeth that cannot be saved. Accidents that crack or chip teeth could mean pulling them if the damage is severe enough. If a tooth is knocked out and treatment is not sought immediately, inserting the tooth back into the socket may not be an option.

Whatever the reason for the damaged or missing teeth, the fact is that your smile no longer looks the same. That can lead you to be less comfortable in social situations. Even if you smile, it’s often either with your mouth closed or while you hide the lower part of your face behind a hand or napkin. Do you really want to go through life that way?

With a dental implant or a whole set of implants, you can have your smile back. Implants are covered with a cap shaped to look just like a real tooth. In fact, no one will know the difference unless you choose to tell them. Once again, you can enjoy social events and smile to your heart’s content without being self-conscious at all.

Maintaining the Shape of Your Jaw

Teeth play an important role in preserving the shape and strength of the jawbone. When they are no longer present, the bone will weaken and begin to shift. The result is that the lower part of your face begins to take on a sunken look.

Implants prevent that from happening. That’s because they fill in the space vacated by your natural teeth. Most of the implant is below the gum line and the remaining portion is covered by the tooth-shaped cap. Since they don’t come out, those implants preserve the bone structure and you get to keep the natural contours of your jaw.

You Can Chew Again

Only people with no teeth understand how difficult chewing food can become. It’s enough to make you avoid trying to eat certain foods. In fact, some of your favorites may be off the menu for good. That’s because attempting to chew without teeth can leave your gums irritated and sore.

Once a cosmetic dentist in Barrie installs those implants, things change. You can once again chew any type of food you like. Best of all, your gums don’t hurt any longer. While you still need to take the same precautions that relate to maintaining real teeth, enjoying your favorite foods again makes it all worthwhile.

Speak Clearly

Have you ever noticed that people with no teeth have trouble enunciating clearly? The presence of teeth have more to do with speech than many people think. It’s only after you lose all or most of your natural teeth that you can tell the difference in your own speech.Once you have implants installed, speaking clearly will be a lot easier.

There are more ways implants can correct various problems. Talk with a dental professional today and learn more about what implants could do for you. What the professional has to say may be all it takes to determine that now is the time to choose the right type of implants and schedule the dates for the installation.