What are the Benefits of Having a Permanent Family Dentist?

15 May, 2018 Family Dentistry,

Some people give little thought to dental treatments until some need arises. They may not be concerned about developing working relationship with a single Barrie family dentist. In truth, one of the best things you could do for you and your family is to find a local family dentist who can take proper care of you now and in the years to come. Here are some of the advantages that come with this sort of arrangement.

You’re Comfortable With the Dentist and the Dental Team

You already know from visits with your primary care physician that trust and rapport are very important. It’s easy to talk with your doctor about anything to do with your health simply be-cause you do have that bond. The same is true if you choose one of the local family dentists to provide ongoing treatment.

When you genuinely respect and like your dentist, it’s easier to ask questions that you might feel uncomfortable asking otherwise. For example, are you really using the right toothbrush for your dental hygiene? If no one ever taught you to use floss, wouldn’t it be nice to know you could ask your dental professional and receive advice without anyone questioning how you got to be your age and never learned? That’s the type of rapport that only comes with seeing the same dentist any time you need some sort of treatment.

Your Dental History is All Found in One Place

Dental history is just as important to effective family dentistry as it is to maintaining your general medical history. Attempting to keep up with everything from annual exams, cleanings, and past procedures is more complicated when you don’t see the same dentist from one trip to the next. By contrast, finding a practice that you trust and remaining a patient for years means all your dental history is right there in your patient file. There is never a question of when those veneers were installed or how long ago you underwent that wisdom tooth extraction. Since past procedures and the information learned during those treatments could impact a treatment you need now, having it all in one place does matter.

There’s Someone to Remind You When It’s Time for a Visit

When you are a patient of a specific family dental clinic, it’s easier to maintain a regular schedule for care. The team will remind you when it’s time for the annual exam or when it’s time to come in for a cleaning. If there’s followup work needed after a procedure, they will make sure you don’t forget. That attention to detail is much harder to manage when you don’t see the same dental team from one year to the next.

You Know Who to Call in an Emergency

Have you ever sustained an injury that required immediate dental care? How about developing some sort of pain that nothing seems to lessen? In both these scenarios, the need for immediate emergency dental care is urgent.

People who don’t have regular dentists have to stop and try to find someone who can see them immediately. By having a dentist who has been taking care of you for years, there is no question of who to call or who will be helping you with whatever dental emergency has arisen.

If you don’t have a regular dentist, today is the day to change that. Once you build that relationship and enjoy the support that results from it, there will never be any reason to question why being the patient of the right dentist is anything less than wise.