What are the Best Qualities to Look for in a Family Dentist?

27 June, 2017 Family Dentistry,

You’re new in town and would love to find a Barrie family dentist. Someone who could care for the children and the adults in the household would make life a lot easier. The trick is finding the right dental professional out of the more than 2,000 dentists in the GTA for your family. Here are some tips that will help.

Training Now and Then

You certainly want a dentist who has all the proper training and credentials. While it’s great that the professional earned those credentials in the past, what has been going on lately? Is the dentist keeping up with the latest in techniques and treatment options?

It’s not enough to find a dental office in Barrie where the staff has the proper training. You also want professionals who consider ongoing education to be important. That quality will mean you and your family always have access to the latest innovations in the field of dentistry.

Practical Experience

A dental practice that has been around for a few years is a good choice. After having the opportunity to work with patients of varying ages, the dentist is more likely to know how to relate to everyone from your pre-schooler to your elderly parent who now lives with you. The ability to understand the dental needs of multiple generations and draw on experience to treat family members will ensure everyone gets the attention they need.

A Welcoming Setting

Another important quality that must be present is a strong emphasis on patient care and support. When you or a family member walk through the door, a receptionist who greets patients with a smile makes all the difference. Assistants and hygienists who also are courteous and professional go a long way to help the patient feel at ease. Add in a dentist who is able to relate to and talk easily with people of all ages and you have a winning combination.

Accommodating Multiple Appointments

One of the perks of working with a family dentist is the ability to schedule back to back appointments for more than one family member. Perhaps it’s time for one of the adults to have a teeth cleaning while one of the kids is in to have the braces checked and adjusted. Knowing that it’s possible to schedule back to back appointments makes it easier for you to get everyone to the dentist in one trip.

Payment Options

There will be times when some procedures will not be covered by insurance. If that happens, it’s nice to know the dental practice offers more than one payment solution. After checking out the other aspects of the practice, ask to talk with the office manager and find out what payment plans can be arranged if the need arises. Even if you never have to use one of them, it’s a comfort knowing they are available.

Finding the best dentist in Barrie doesn’t have to be difficult. Focus on a few important qualities and it won’t take long to identify the professional who is a perfect fit for the entire family.