Top 4 Ways Life Will Be Better After a Smile Makeover

15 January, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Smile makeovers are structured dental restoration plans that help correct any issues and ensure your teeth look better than ever. While the process will vary based on what type of problems are present, a makeover can involve procedures like filling cavities, installing crowns, fitting veneers, and even replacing missing teeth with implants. Even something as simple as whitening treatments may be involved. Best of all, life will be better once you finish with the makeover. Here are some examples to consider.

You Can Chew on Both Sides Again

As one or more teeth cracked or chipped, you found it easier to chew on the other side of your mouth. You even started using a straw as a way to prevent cold beverages from causing pain around those damaged teeth. While you didn’t starve, only chewing on one side of your mouth was a little irritating.

Now that the makeover is completed, the chipped or cracked teeth are in fine shape again. That means you can chew on whichever side of your mouth that you want and not worry about making the damage worse.

The Pain Goes Away

Many tooth problems come with discomfort. Perhaps you have woken up in the middle of the night because a tooth was throbbing. Maybe you avoid certain foods or only drink tepid beverages because of the pain that follows. Once you finish with the makeover, you won’t have to deal with the pain any longer. That makes it easier to sleep the entire night and feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has to offer.

Social Events are Fun Again

Maybe it's not been completely about pain. The fact is that you are unhappy with the way your teeth look. It could be the yellowing or the fact that one or two teeth are crooked. Perhaps a cavity near the front makes you hesitate to spend any more time around people than necessary.

Whatever the combination of factors, you will find that a smile makeover does more than correct dental issues. There are also cosmetic procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth. Once you see the difference, you can give up living like a hermit most of the time. Instead, feel free to go out and spend time with people. You’ll find that life is better when you spend time with others.

You Seem Healthier Overall

Did you know that your oral health has a connection to the way you feel overall? There are tooth problems that trigger infections and place a greater strain on your immune system. Left untreated, those infections can spread to your nasal passages and even create issues in other areas of the body. By choosing to undergo a makeover that resolves all your dental issues, you could be preventing a health problem that would have you spending more time in the doctor’s office.

When was the last time you went in for a complete dental checkup? If you are having trouble remembering, make an appointment today. You can rest assured it will make things a lot better.