Tips to Help Cure Your Child's Fear of Braces

25 September, 2017 Dental Anxiety,

The verdict is in and your course of action is clear. Braces are needed to correct the alignment of your child’s teeth. While the decision is easy for you to make and you know your child will appreciate it in later years, there’s the here and now to consider. Your child has several fears about being fitted for braces. Before the process begins, it makes sense to address those concerns and help your child feel a little better about having to wear braces for the next few years. Here are some of the more common fears most kids experience and how you can ease them.

Explaining How Braces are Installed

Being fitted for braces can be a scary experience. Your child probably has visions of being in a prone position in a dental chair surrounded by instruments that look intimidating. There is the dentist and most likely an assistant who is hovering over the child urging the patient to not move. In that set of circumstances, even some adults would be nervous about the procedure.

One way to deal with this fear is to take away the unknown. Enlist the aid of your Barrie orthodontist to explain how braces are installed, why it helps to remain still, and in general help the child know what to expect. You will be surprised at how the dental professional is able to explain everything in a way that your child grasps easily. While the child will still have some reservations, fear about the fitting itself will become less of an issue.

Addressing Concerns About Pain

Even after understanding how the braces will be put in position, there is the question of discomfort. It’s not just about pain while the braces are fitted. Your child has likely heard a story or two about how much they hurt in the days afterward, and even when the braces are adjusted later on.

It’s best to acknowledge there will be some soreness, but stress that it will pass quickly. At times the braces will be bothersome but not all that painful. If your child understands that the discomfort is minimal, it will be easier to recognize that dealing with it will not be so bad.

Talking About The Reactions of Friends

One of the most common fears about braces that experts in dentistry in Barrie deal with has to do with the reactions of other people. Your child may have already seen other kids taunted because they had to wear braces. The idea of being subjected to the same humiliation holds no appeal at all. That’s because being rejected by one’s peer group is one of the worst things that the child can imagine.

In this situation, work with the dental professional to arrange for your child to talk with a kid or two who currently wears braces. They can provide some idea of what to expect, how to interact with other children that try to make jokes, and in general how to worry less about what others think. Kids talking to kids can often get points across that fall on deaf ears when those same points are offered by adults.

Your child may have other fears related to wearing braces. Whatever they may be, listen to those concerns carefully and acknowledge that they are shared by many other kids. From there, work with the dental team to come up with the best way to address those fears. When your child feels like the adults are really listening, the chances of resolving the fears and making it easier to live with the braces are much better.