The Dangers of Skipping a Routine Teeth Cleaning

12 May, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Some people think that a teeth cleaning involves nothing more than removing residue from the teeth. While getting rid of buildup on and between teeth is the focus, quite a bit more happens during those treatments. Choosing to skip one does more than affect the way your teeth look. By deciding to put off the appointment one more time, you could be opening yourself to several types of serious issues. Here are some examples to consider.

Bad Breath

The most immediate outcome of choosing to put off that dental cleaning for a few more months is the impact on your breath. Even with regular brushing and flossing, the risk of bad breath is higher. That’s because brushing and flossing does not remove all the plaque and other buildup from the teeth.

The longer the residue remains in place, the more it will impact the scent of your breath. By choosing to undergo the cleaning on time, you get to enjoy that enhanced fresh feel that always comes with having your teeth cleaned. There’s also the benefit of having fresher breath when you are standing close to someone you care about.

Increased Risk of Overlooking an Emerging Dental Issue

While a Barrie teeth cleaning is taking place, the dental team is also paying close attention to the general con-dition of your teeth. That’s important, since many dental problems begin with relatively small signs. A small amount of decay on one tooth makes it possible to treat the issue before it can consume more of the tooth or even spread to other teeth.

View a professional cleaning as one more way the dentist remains on the lookout for anything that could affect your dental health. In most cases there will be no emerging issues present. If there does happen to be one, taking care of it now rather than six months down the road will likely be simpler, faster, and less expensive.

Checking for Oral Cancer

It’s not just the teeth that the team will inspect during a cleaning. Along with clean teeth, you are also getting what amounts to an inspection of the gums. If there is any discoloration, inflamed areas, or other signs that something is not quite right, it’s possible to order tests and ultimately treat whatever issue is developing. Think of what this means in terms of catching oral cancer in the early stages. Diagnosing, containing, and treating the cancer increases the odds of not losing teeth, damage to the gums, and ultimately could prevent throat and other forms of cancer from developing.

More Danger to Your General Health

Did you know there is a direct connection to your dental health and your general well being? Poor maintenance of your teeth increases the odds of health issues ranging from cardiovascular to respiratory ailments. Bone loss is not out of the question, and even your chances for developing some form on adult onset diabetes is higher. Going on for cleanings provides the opportunity to detect and correct issues that could have a significant impact on how healthy you will be in later years.

Never assume a cleaning is just a cleaning. The range of benefits you receive are much greater than shiny teeth and a beautiful smile. It it’s been some time since your last one, schedule a cleaning today. Doing so could provide more benefits than you imagine.