Leave Teeth Whitening To The Experts

11 July, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

One look in the mirror is all it takes to confirm that your teeth could using some whitening treatments. While you could try an over the counter product, there is a better approach to teeth whitening. Call your dentist and make arrangements to have professional treatments. Here are a few of the reasons why you should leave the job to an expert.

Someone to Watch Over Your Teeth

Not everyone responds to teeth whitening treatments in exactly the same way. That’s especially true of people who have sensitive teeth. One of the benefits of undergoing treatments administered by a professional is someone is monitoring the condition of the teeth after each session. This is important, since that level of care could prevent a lot of discomfort in the days to come.

No Mess to Clean Up

Trying to go with some sort of over the counter dental whitening kit means having a mess to clean up after each treatment. Along with finding time to perform the treatments, there is also the need to pick up after yourself. The alternative is that you and other members of the household have to work around the remnants of the kit you just used. Choosing to have treatments in a dental office means there is no mess to deal with at home.

Seeing Results Sooner Rather Than Later

The nice thing about professional teeth whitening is that you may notice a difference in the color of the teeth after one or two treatments. Over the counter products, even when they are used properly, will take longer to produce any noticeable results. That doesn’t help much if the motivation for improving the hue of your teeth happens to be an upcoming class reunion or your first face to face meeting with an important client. You need results now and the only way to get them is cleaning treatments performed by an expert.

Controlling the Outcome

Have you ever known people who had teeth so white that they seemed fake? That’s one of the risks to keep in mind if you decide to go with over the counter products. It’s easy to misjudge and end up with teeth that are a little too bright. While the effect will fade in time, you end up hiding your smile behind a hand until then.

When you opt for professional dental whitening, the expert assesses your teeth after each session. There’s more control over when the ideal level of whiteness has been achieved and when one more round is appropriate. Thanks to this type of diligence, you end up with a beautiful smile that is not overpowering.

While it may be tempting to try one of those kits sold at the pharmacy or the supermarket, call your dentist today and make an appointment to learn more about professional teeth whitening. You’ll find the treatments are safe, effective, and you’ll feel better knowing an expert is there to ensure everything goes the way it should.