Is There an Easier Way to Get Dental Implants?

28 August, 2017 Dental Implants Care,

There is no question that the last of your natural teeth have to go. What remains is making a choice between dentures and implants. You really like the idea of implants but the process will require a series of appointments to build up your bone structure with the use of grafts. After that, the process of inserting individual implants and adding the fitting caps will take weeks or possibly months. Surely there must be another approach that would take less time and still provide the benefits offered by dental implants.

There is a Solution

One of the great things about cosmetic dentistry is how new methods are constantly under development. When it comes to implants, there is now a faster and easier way to achieve the look you want without relying on traditional dentures.

The process involves preparing a prosthetic plate that is much like a denture. The difference is that it will not be held in place with the aid of adhesives and it will not be removed when you retire at night. Instead, the prosthetic is anchored in place with four and possibly more implants that are inserted directly into the gum and bone.

Using this approach, you would have the implants embedded in a single session. While the work is underway, the prosthesis is already being prepared. The team at the dental office in Barrie will allow a day for the area around the implants to heal. After that, the entire prosthesis is secured to those implants. The result is a plate that will not shift or need to be taken out for cleaning.

Is This Really Better Than Dentures?

At first, you may think the prosthetic is just like a conventional dental plate. It’s true that they are similar. What’s different is the prosthetic is designed to remain in position for a long time.

This means you will be able to brush the prosthetic just like you would a set of natural teeth. There’s no messy adhesives to deal with and no need to remove them to soak overnight. You also don’t have to worry about the prosthetic slipping out of position. Thanks to the use of a series of strategically placed implants, you can go out to dinner, eat what you like, smile to your heart’s content, and never have to worry about an embarrassing event taking place.

When it comes to cleanings, the team at the dental office will know how to remove the prosthetic and take care of any residue that managed to accumulate since the last cleaning. Many people find that an annual cleaning is all it takes to keep the gums free of infection and remove whatever residue does collect.

The Decision is Yours

When the natural teeth have to go, remember that you do have options. If the bone structure is not sturdy enough for individual implants, this approach of using four or more as anchors for a prosthetic could be the right solution. Remember that with implants, you never have to worry about dental fillings in Barrie again, taking care of the prosthetic is not difficult, and you can be confident that the prosthetic will not slip out of place when you are at a party, a dinner, or in any other type of social situation. Once you see how easy and quick the process is, you’ll know this solution is perfect for you.