Foods to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay

10 July, 2017 Dental Care Tips,

Did you know that 96% of people living in Canada will develop a cavity at some time in their lives? While it may seem inevitable, there are ways to minimize the odds of having a cavity. Along with brushing, using mouth wash, and flossing on a regular basis, the foods that you choose to consume will also reduce the odds of having to deal with this and other dental issues. Here are some of the foods that your dentist in Barrie is likely to recommend you consume in moderation or avoid altogether.

Carbonated Beverages

You have probably heard a great deal about the amount of sugar found in the typical soda. Perhaps you even decided to go with diet drinks as a way to avoid exposing your teeth to so much sugar. While the effort is laudable, sugar is not the only ingredient that could adversely affect your teeth.

The carbonation and phosphorus content found in many soft drinks can also cause damage to the enamel and make it easier for a cavity to develop. Choosing to stay away from sugary drinks in general or at least make soda something you only have once in a great while is a smart move. The rest of your time, go with bottled water and other choices that include little to no carbonation. Remember that even if there is no sugar or carbonation present, it still makes sense to brush after every meal.

Acidic Foods

Any type of food that contains acid should be consumed with care. Fruits like lemons are a good example. You may love them, but consider them a treat that you only allow yourself now and then. The acid wears down the enamel and paves the way for damage to the teeth. When you do decide to enjoy a lemon in any form, remember to rinse your mouth out with water if you can’t brush right away.

Candies and Desserts

While there are many sweets that you bite, chew, and swallow, there are others which tend to remain in your mouth for longer periods of time. Think about hard candies that you sometimes use to freshen your breath or lollipops that last for hours. The ongoing presence of sugar from those types of candies increases the odds of making a visit to the family dentist necessary.

When it comes to sweets like pieces, cakes, and candy bars, remember that the sugar can also linger in the mouth and lead to damage. Brush your teeth if possible or rinse your mouth with water if getting to a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush is out of the question right now.

Refined Carbohydrates

When most people think of foods that could lead to tooth decay, their thought immediately turn toward things that are sweet. The fact is that snacks made with refined carbohydrates can also damage the teeth. Corn chips, potato crisps, and even crackers may not be sweet to the taste, but they do contain some amount of sugar. Couple that with the residue these snacks leave in the mouth and it’s easy to see how they could pose a problem.

Remember that avoiding these foods is the most effective way to prevent them from damaging your teeth. If you must indulge, make sure you are in the habit of brushing after meals and at least rinsing out the mouth after snacks. Doing so will minimize the potential for cavities and keep your smile beautiful.