Find Out What Porcelain Veneers Could Do For Your Smile

10 September, 2017 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Dental veneers are shells that are tailored to fit over existing teeth. They can be used to help deal with damage, change the shape of a tooth, and in general improve the smile. Opting for porcelain veneers is a great way to enjoy the most benefits from this type of dental procedure. Here are some examples of what they will do for your smile.

Adding Strength to Damaged Teeth

As any dentist in Barrie will tell you, porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to deal with issues like chipped teeth, teeth with fine cracks, and similar issues. While you may think of these as mainly cosmetic treatments, the veneers are also adding a measure of strength to the damaged tooth. Along with covering the damage, the fact that the veneers adhere to rather than simply cover the damaged tooth means that the crack is not likely to get worse and the chipping is brought to a halt.

Improving Scale and Symmetry

Porcelain veneers are also helpful in terms of balancing out the appearance of your teeth. This is because the veneers can be used to fill in tiny spaces between each tooth, even out the height as well as the width, and in general provide the symmetry that your natural teeth lack. In many ways, the shaping of the veneers is given the same level of attention that is done when preparing the caps that fit on top of a dental implant. The result is that when you smile, people see what appears to be a beautiful set of teeth.

Blending in With the Shade of Your Teeth

One of the reasons people sometimes hesitate to invest in porcelain veneers in Barrie has to do with fears about some of the teeth appearing brighter or darker than the rest. In fact, porcelain blocks that are carefully matched with the natural shade of your teeth will be used. The match will be so perfect that you will have trouble remembering which teeth are covered with veneers and which ones are not. If you can’t tell, rest assured no one else will know the difference either.

More Durable Than Other Materials

There are other materials used for veneers, but porcelain remains one of the top options. Along with the fact that the material looks so natural, there’s the fact that it holds up so well. It’s true that the veneers are somewhat delicate when they are first produced. Once they are adhered to the surface of your teeth with the right bonding agent, that changes. The veneers will provide excellent protection, resist staining, and require a great deal of pressure before there is any chance of cracks developing.

If you have one or more dental issues that makes you hesitate to smile, now is the time to contact your dentist and learn more about veneers. Discuss how they would help with the challenges you face, both in terms of appearance and in preventing further damage to your teeth. Once all your questions are answered, there is a good chance you will find that porcelain veneers are the ideal solution.