Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Dentists

15 August, 2018 Emergency Dentistry Service,

While most of the dental care you need can be scheduled during standard office hours, emergencies do arise. You may sustain a direct blow to the mouth and end up with cracked or broken teeth. Perhaps a fall left you with loose teeth or was severe enough to cause a tooth to pop out. In those situations, you need help from one of the emergency dentists around town.

There are misconceptions about what Barrie emergency dental services provide. Here are some basics to keep in mind, just in case you ever do need help from a dental professional in an emergency situation.

They Are Available Any Time of the Day or Night

Unlike dentists who keep strict office hours, emergency dentists are available any time of the day or night. That includes providing treatment to patients on weekends. Based on the nature of the injury or pain, the dentist will determine the right approach to easing the discomfort and preventing complications from developing.

Some clinics have dedicated dentists to handle emergency cases. With other practices, the dentists rotate covering nights and weekends. In any case, you can rest assured that if you ask “where is the closest emergency dentist near me?” you will have access to someone who can help you even if the event occurs outside of standard office hours.

They May Provide a Temporary or Long-lasting Solution

Since emergency dentists have the expertise to deal with just about any dental emergency, they will know what type of treatment is right for the moment. In some cases, the focus will be on easing your discomfort and containing the situation until the morning comes. At other times, the dentist will initiate a treatment that resolves the problem completely.

A great deal depends on the nature of the issue and how complex the solution happens to be. If you will need additional care after addressing the immediate issue, the dentist will make all the arrangements for you to receive additional Barrie emergency dental services as quickly as possible. At all times, the goal is to ensure you receive the best of care and experience as little pain as possible.

They Are Fully Qualified to Handle Most Dental Issues

When you ask friends or neighbors if there is an “emergency dentist near me," the next logical question is to inquire about their qualifications. Emergency dentists possess all the training and skill that any family dentist offers. In some cases, an emergency dental professional will be capable of providing solutions that go beyond the scope of family dentistry. That would include the skill and experience to perform dental surgery if the need was present.

For example, the emergency dentist would have the skill and the resources to deal with a tooth that has broken off at the gum line. This type of painful situation would mean removing the root that remains in place and possibly applying sutures to the area. It would also mean providing something to help ease the discomfort. While you may still need additional care later, the dentist does resolve the immediate issue and prepares you for whatever other help you will receive later on.

Remember that an emergency dentist evaluates the state of the patient and responds accordingly. Should you need treatment that the dentist is unable to provide, you will be referred to a specialist. In the interim, the dentist will do whatever is possible to stabilize the situation and provide a degree of comfort to the patient. That includes administering treatments that prevent the issue from escalating and minimize the potential for inflammation or infection.

They May Call in Additional Support to Help You on the Spot

Depending on the nature of the emergency, the dentist may handle the case alone. At other times, calling in additional professionals may be necessary. The additional support may be other people employed with the same Barrie emergency dental services provider as the responding dentist. At other times, colleagues who specialize in more complex forms of dental care may be contacted and asked to work alongside your emergency dentist.

The goal is always to provide as much support as possible in the moment. When you inquire about the availability of a dentist near me, be prepared for more than that one professional to attend you. Don’t be alarmed if two or even three people are there when you arrive to receive the emergency care, or if the examining dentist calls in another professional. There are times when two can resolve a dental emergency faster and more effectively than a single person can manage.

They Will Share Information With Your Regular Dentist

If your family dentist offers emergency care, all the information about the emergency will be entered directly into your patient file. When your family dentist has arranged for one of the

Barrie emergency dental services to provide support to patients after standard business hours, rest assured the details about your emergency will be conveyed to the practice that you normally see.

Emergency dentists do take communication very seriously. Along with making sure your family dentist receives information about the nature of the emergency and the subsequent treatment, there’s a good chance that the emergency dental professional will arrange a follow-up appointment with your regular dentist. That line of communication ensures that you do receive the treatment you need now, additional treatment if necessary, and that someone is monitoring your condition and confirms that the healing is proceeding without any complications.

Perhaps you’ve not thought about what you would do if a dental emergency occurred. Now is the time to come up with a plan just in case. Consult with your family dentist and determine if the practice does provide emergency care. If not, ask if the clinic has arrangements with an emergency dental facility nearby.When all else fails, ask if there is “an emergency dentist near me” that the clinic personnel would recommend. While the hope is that you never experience a dental emergency, being prepared will ensure that you know exactly who to call and what to do.