Can a Family Dentist Take Care of Dental Surgery?

22 December, 2017 Family Dentistry,

As in many areas of medical practice, dentistry is a profession that include general practitioners as well as specialists. What you may not know is that most Barrie family dentists do have the training to perform a number of surgical procedures without having to refer patients to specialists. Here are a few examples of the kind of work your dentist can provide without having to send you to someone who specializes in a specific field of dentistry.

Tooth Extractions

One of the most common procedures that family dentists are called upon to perform is the tooth extraction. An extraction becomes necessary when attempting to save the tooth is not practical.

For example, the tooth may be cracked so badly that attempting to use veneers or other methods to rebuild it would not be successful. Many dentists will recommend extractions when a significant amount of the tooth is decayed. The process involves removing the entire tooth from the socket and paves the way for determining what sort of replacement, if any, would be right for the patient.

Root Canals

Root canals also involve removing one or more teeth but are mor complex than simple extractions. With a root canal, the object is to save the tooth by removing the natural pulp. This is often the case when the pulp is diseased, damaged, or dead. Since the pulp does contain nerves and arteries, any type of damage to it can cause quite a bit of pain.

The pulp removal is followed by a thorough cleaning of the tooth shell. If an abscess has developed around the tooth root, your family dentist will also take measures to kill the infection and prevent further damage to the tissue. After this part of the restoration project is completed, the dentist will fill the tooth and possibly add a cap to restore a natural appearance.


Fillings are an excellent way to save a tooth from extraction. While they often follow a root canal, they can also be used when the decay has not yet reached the pulp. In this scenario, the family dentist will remove the decayed portion, check for signs of any other damage, and then fill the cavity. Since there is more than one type of material that can be used, your dentist will go over the merits of each kind before the procedure begins.

Dental Implants

Your family dentist can also provide support with dental implants. That includes the insertion of each implant into the gum and creating the impressions that are used to manufacture the caps for each of those implants. Your dentist can also talk with you about a newer approach known as all on four. The latter involves inserting four implants at strategic points and then attaching a full denture plate to take the place of an entire row of teeth.

Remember that the range of surgical procedures your family dentist can perform depends on the extent of his or her training. You will find that most dentists are happy to provide information about their backgrounds so there is no question of what sort of procedures they can manage in their offices. Rest assured your family dentist will not hesitate to refer you to a specialist if that is what is in your best interests.