What You Should Know Before Getting a Teeth in a Day Procedure

30 August, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Finding out that you are a candidate for dental implants is great. When the dentist informs you that it's possible to go with individual implants or choose the teeth in a day option, there’s a decision to be made. Before doing so, it pays to learn as much about the latter option, including how the procedure and recovery differs from getting standard implants. Here are some basics that will help you get a better idea of what to expect.

Who is Eligible for All on Four Implants?

While not everyone can receive individual implants, the requirements for Teeth in a Day are less stringent. This means if your bone structure is not quite dense enough for traditional implants and you are not interested in advance procedures designed to reinforce the bone, this approach is a possibility.

The only way to know for sure if you are a good candidate is to undergo a full dental exam. Your dental professional will evaluate the bone density and the general health of your gums, jaws, and other areas of the mouth cavity. Even if individual implants are out of the question, there’s a good chance that you can go with Barrie Teeth in a Day instead of having to settle for dentures.

How Long Does This Procedure Take?

One of the reasons that All on Four in Barrie is referred to as Teeth in a Day is that it’s possible to install the implants and attached temporary dental plates in a single day. Depending on your health and how you respond during the procedure, it’s possible to have your temporary plates in position in a matter of hours.

During the procedure, the surgeon and the team are monitoring your vital signs and making sure you are stable. There will be a period after the surgery where you are monitored. This provides time for the sedation to wear off and for the team to provide you with instructions for taking care of yourself in the days following the procedure. Rest assured the team will not allow you to leave the clinic until they are sure you are doing well.

Should Someone Accompany Me to the Clinic?

As with any type of invasive procedure, you will likely receive some kind of sedation. That means your reflexes will be slower and your cognition will be affected for a few hours after receiving the implants and plates. For this reason, the dental clinic will require that a friend or relative accompanies you on the day of the procedure. You will not be allowed to leave the clinic unless someone is with you.

That person will also be present when the instructions for after-care are provided. While those instructions are provided in a hard copy, it helps to have someone listen and ask any questions that come to mind. Your friend or relative will also handle the driving or remain with you if it’s necessary to take public transport from the clinic to your home.

Will I Have to Go Back After the Initial Procedure?

In many instances, dental surgeons attach temporary dental plates to the four implants. Custom plates are prepared and will replace the temporary ones in a few days. The replacement process won’t take long and the quick exam allows the dental team to examine the tissue around the implants and make sure you are healing properly.

After receiving the dental plates, you can consider your Barrie Teeth in a Day solution to be complete. You’ll find that choosing the All on Four in Barrie approach feels more comfortable than dentures and requires less recovery time than traditional implants.

What Sort of Preparation Should I Make?

There are several things you can do to prepare for the Teeth in a Day procedure. Go over all your medications with your dental team. That includes over the counter products as well as prescription medication. If there’s the need to discontinue use for a day or two before the procedure, do so. For example, medication that thins the blood would need to be avoided for a short time prior to the procedure.

Make sure you have foods that are soft and can be prepared with ease. They will come in handy the first few days after you undergo the Barrie Teeth in a Day procedure. Be prepared to not lift a lot of weight for a couple of days. Remember to arrange for someone to accompany you on the day of the procedure.

The dental team will provide other advance instructions based on your current health. Be sure to follow them to the letter.

Will I Experience Much Pain?

During the actual Teeth in a Day procedure, you will be sedated. That eliminates any discomfort that you may experience. In the hours after the surgery, you may experience some pain due to slight swelling and the placement of the implants. Your dentist may provide a prescription for pain medication or recommend that you take certain types of over the counter products. Applying ice packs to the mouth periodically will also help with any swelling and discomfort. Most people find that any pain they feel after an All on Four in Barrie is gone after a day or two.

How Long Can I Expect the Implants to Last?

Barrie Teeth in a Day are intended to last for decades. There are patients who will have the same plates for the rest of their lives. This is different from dentures that will have to be replaced after several years.

What Happens If I Damage the Dental Plates?

While sturdy, anything that would chip or crack natural teeth would likely cause damage to the dental plates. Fortunately, the same team that took care of your All on Four in Barrie can also help with repairs or replacements. Once the damage is assessed, they will now which solution is right for you.

Opting for All on Four implants is a wise move. Learn all you can and ask questions about what to expect. You may find that this is the solution you’ve wanted for a long time.