Are Dental Implants a Good Option to Replace Loose Dentures?

5 January, 2018 Dental Implants Care,

Several years ago, you decided to go with a set of dentures instead of implants. At the time, that seemed like the most practical approach. Now that those dentures no longer fit properly, it’s time to revisit that decision. Will you go with a second pair of dentures or try implants? Assuming your dentist confirms both are still options, here are a few reasons to choose implants.

No More Slipping

You learned for yourself that dentures slip. Even though you used the highest quality dental adhesive, there were several occasions when one or both plates slipped at the worst possible times. Things have gotten worse as your dentures no longer fit properly. Do you really want to go through that same cycle again?

Opting for dental implants means enjoying what appears to be a set of real teeth without any worries about slippage. Whether you go with individual implants or the newer all on four design, they will stay in place. Forget about them working loose when you bite into something or slipping while you are talking. Relax and know that the implants will stay where they belong.

Keeping Your Natural Jawline

One of the reasons your dentures no longer fit is that the shape of your jaw is shifting. That’s because there is no longer any real teeth in the gums to help hold the natural contours of your jaws. A new set will fit fine for awhile, but be prepared to need a new set in a few years after your jaw shape changes again.

Implants fill in the space once occupied by your real teeth. They aid the bones in retaining their natural shapes. Instead of the lower part of your face looking sunken, there will be no more shifting. That’s bound to help you feel better about your appearance.

Simplifying Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Taking care of dentures is work. There’s the soaking, the scrubbing, and making sure you don’t drop them on hard surfaces. It all can get a bit tiresome even after you get used to the routine. Why continue when you have other options?

An expert in Barrie family dentistry will quickly point out that taking care of implants is a lot like caring for real teeth. In some ways, it’s simpler. Replace those dentures with implants and practicing good oral hygiene will be more a pleasure and less of a headache.

A Longer Lasting Solution

You now know that dentures aren’t forever. They must be replaced after several years. Compare that with implants that could last you the rest of your life. It’s easy to see which one is the best approach in the long run.

Talk with your dentist about the merits of implants versus dentures. It won’t take long to see why so many people consider implants to be the only real choice. Once your questions are answered, work with your dental professional to schedule the appointments needed to install the implants, prepare the caps, and teach you the basics of how to take care of them properly. Rest assured the effort will be worth it.