Am I Too Sensitive About My Sensitive Teeth?

8 August, 2017 Dental Care Tips,

Have you noticed that something is different about your teeth? The appearance is much like it has always been, but your teeth don’t feel the same. In fact, there are times when they seem to really hurt. It’s time to admit you have sensitive teeth and learn what can be done to correct the situation. Here is some basic information that will help you be a little less sensitive about your situation and more willing to take action.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

There are several reasons why your teeth may be sensitive. Many people end up at dental clinics in Barrie because of the pain they experience when they drink something that’s hot or cold rather than served at room temperature. It’s not unusual for the dental professional to examine the teeth and find that the enamel is wearing thin and may even be gone in some places. Among other things, enamel serves as a barrier that protects the dentin and prevents pain. Without it, the teeth will be more sensitive to quite a few things.

The problem could also stem from a loose filling. Over time, changes in the teeth leave fillings with a less than snug fit. Those tiny open areas around the fillings allow food and liquids to get into the space and irritate the nerves in the teeth.

Broken or chipped teeth are another cause of sensitivity. The increased sensation is not just at the point where the chip or the crack is present. Left untreated, the site of the pain will begin to spread to other parts of the tooth. As the sensitivity increases, the pain will also get worse.

How are Sensitive Teeth Impacting Your Life?

As any dentist will tell you, living with sensitive teeth is not fun. Your life is changed in a number of little ways. The most obvious is that you are no longer able to enjoy foods and beverages served at certain temperatures. In some cases, you will begin to avoid consuming any of the things that tend to cause pain.

You may also devise different ways to get around the sensitivity. For example, you may drink through a straw and not allow the beverage to touch the portion of your teeth that seem to be the most sensitive. While that may work fine while you wait for your dental appointment, it’s not a long-term solution.

While you may not realize it, increasingly sensitive teeth will also affect your mood. Pain tends to make people more irritable. Until you do something about the problem, there’s a good chance that family, friends, and coworkers will find you to be less even-tempered and more likely to become upset at the smallest thing.

What Can the Dentist Do About the Sensitivity?

Even the best dentist in Barrie can’t help unless you decide to make an appointment and go in for a checkup. Once you are there, the dental professional can do quite a bit to help ease the pain and allow you to enjoy life without overly-sensitive teeth.

When the problem is a loose filling, removing it, cleaning the cavity, and replacing the filling with one that fits properly will take care of the issue. Cracked or chipped teeth can be rebuilt using caps along with veneers to provide some level of protection. If the pain centers around one tooth that is too damaged to repair, the professional can remove it and recommend an implant to replace it.

There’s no reason you have to go through your days with sensitive teeth. Call your local dental practice and schedule an appointment today. Resolving the issue may be easier than you think.