The All On Four Dental Implants Will Change Your Life In One Day

29 June, 2018 Cosmetic Dentistry,

Dentures aren't working out and you don't like the idea of spending weeks or months getting individual dental implants. Have you heard of a procedure known as all on four implants? Sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day, this approach has become one of the most popular options for people who have to say goodbye to real teeth. Here are a few things you should know about all on four implants and why they are the right choice for you.

What is Teeth in a Day?

This implant solution involves inserting four implants into the upper or lower gums. Once in place, a dental plate that is customized to fit the contours of the gums perfectly is attached. You will likely receive a temporary plate at first. This allows time for the tissue surrounding the implants to heal properly. In the interim, a dyrable plate is prepared. You’ll return in a few days to have it installed. Until then, the temporary plate will provide you with what appears to be a perfectly natural set of teeth.

The Change is Immediate

While there is some healing to be done, the temporary plates attached to those implants allows you to leave the office with a brilliant smile. That’s a real change if you’ve been unable to wear dentures or if you recently lost the last of your natural teeth. Since the plates do look so natural, you will immediately feel less self-conscious. That one benefit alone makes it worth your time to consider this solution.

Starting to Enjoy Favourite Foods Again

Your same day dental implants will require a little time to heal. Expect to enjoy a diet of soft foods until any swelling or tenderness around them has subsided. Once the temporary plates are replaced by the long-lasting ones, you can begin to eat some of the foods that you thought were banished from the diet forever.

That’s because your new implants perform much like real teeth. They don’t slip out of position.Feel free to bite into an apple. Enjoy any food that used to make the dentures loosen. While you still need to avoid any activity (such as chewing on ice) that would damage real teeth, those implants will allow you to reclaim so many foods that you thought could never be consumed again.

Smiling Comes So Easily

You did smile more often once you got that first set of dentures. However, there were still times that smiling too broadly seemed to be less than a good idea. That’s because you could feel the dentures slipping. Until you could find a private spot and adjust them, you would smile a little less.

With your new implants in position, smile as much and as broadly as you like. They are not going to slip at all. Relax, laugh, and smile to your heart’s content.

If you haven’t already, talk with your dental professional today. Ask “what is all on four and is it right for me?" The answer may be your first step toward a solution that truly allows you to enjoy life in ways that dentures simply don’t allow.