5 Tips for Evaluating a New Family Dentist

15 December, 2017 Family Dentistry,

Whether your current dentist is closing the practice or you’ve just moved into the area, finding a new family dentist is a priority. Not any practice will do. You want one that provides the kind of quality care your family deserves. As you begin to explore the local possibilities, keep these five tips in mind. They’ll help you find the right dental professional for your family.

Professional Qualifications

Always find out everything you can about the formal training and the current certifications held by any of the family dentists under consideration. Your goal is to determine if the extent of the training extends to everyone from the young children in your home to the elderly parent living with you. A dental professional who is able to provide support to the entire family eliminates the need to seek out specialists except in rare cases. Even then, the right family dentist will be in a position to refer the family member to a specialist who is ideal for the type of work needed.


Practical experience is another factor you should consider carefully. Don’t assume that the number of years the practice has been in operation tells you everything that you need to know. The dentist may have partnered with another dental professional in the past or worked as part of a larger firm for several years before setting out on his or her own. Your goal is to find out how long the dentist has been practicing in any capacity, and what areas of family dentistry the professional has offered to the majority of those patients.


Location may not be as important as training and experience, but it helps if the practice is located close to home or work. This approach allows you to get to and from your checkups, cleanings, and other appointments faster. It also means if you need some help after an unexpected fall or cracking a tooth while eating, you can get help sooner rather than later.

Emergency Dental Support

You can feel fine on Friday but wake up with swelling or an aching tooth on Saturday. If your family dentist does offer emergency dental support, there is no need to suffer for an entire weekend. In a matter of hours, the problem can be contained and you can make plans for a more long-lasting solution if necessary.

Always ask if the dental practice has provisions for patient support after standard business hours. All it takes is one incident of needing help late at night or on a weekend to illustrate how important this type of service happens to be.


Even after you find a dentist that seems to have all the qualities you want, spend some time finding out what others think. Check with neighbors, coworkers and others. They are likely to know something about the professional. You can also read online reviews and get an idea of what past and current patients think. If most of what you hear and read is positive, it’s worth scheduling a first visit and seeing how things go.

Remember that not all dental clinics in Barrie are the same. Choose wisely, and your family will benefit from the choice for many years to come.