5 Reasons You Need a Family Dentist

2 May, 2018 Family Dentistry,

Not everyone has a family dentist. There are those who prefer to wait until some sort of dental issue arises and then find a professional who can help them. While that takes care of the immediate problem, this approach does not provide the benefits that come with having an ongoing relationship with a family dentistry professional. Here are a few reasons why you need to establish this type of relationship.

Your Dental History is Complete

Like the medical history your family doctor maintains, a family dentist will keep records that include every procedure you undergo. This is important, since that information will make it easier to determine what to expect when you need to undergo a new dental treatment. By choosing to have a dentist that you see regularly, the guesswork is removed and knowing how to deal with whatever issue has arisen will be all the easier.

You Are Reminded When It’s Time for an Annual Checkup

If you only seek out dental professionals when there is some issue, there is no relationship established that makes it possible to actively take care of the teeth. By contrast, having a family dentist means that someone is working to ensure you enjoy the highest level of dental health possible. That includes making sure you don’t forget to schedule an annual checkup.

Keep in mind that you need an annual dental exam even if your teeth seem to be fine. Those checkups may uncover some small issue that is in the early stages. Treating it now instead of waiting until the situation gets worse could mean the difference between keeping a tooth and losing it.

The Same Goes for Teeth Cleanings

Along with annual exams, you also need to have your teeth cleaned by a professional. While you may do a great job brushing after meals and using floss regularly, there will still be some residue between the teeth. Having a cleaning every six months gets rid of that buildup and minimizes the potential for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. You also get to enjoy that fresh sensation that is present for several hours after you have the teeth cleaned.

A Reliable Source of Information

There are times when people have questions about dental issues, proper dental hygiene, and other matters associated with their teeth. You could spend time online looking for answers that may or may not be accurate. An alternative is to contact your family dentist and obtain the information you need from a dental professional. Since that professional will be familiar with your dental history, it’s all the easier to make sure the answers are relevant to your particular circumstances.

You Know Where to Turn During an Emergency

If you have a Barrie orthodontist, there is no need to wonder where to get help if your teeth are damaged in an accident. All you have to do is call and arrangements can be made immediately. Compare that to trying to find out who offers emergency dental care as you are in the middle of dealing with a lot of paint.

If you don’t have a family dentist, now is the time to change that. Call today and schedule a full exam. Doing so provides the ideal starting point for what will be a long-lasting relationship.