4 Tips on Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

19 April, 2017 Dental Implants Care,

There is no doubt that dental implants have become more popular in recent years. According to some studies, the number of people in North America who choose some type of implant over a partial or complete denture is more than half a million annually. If you are among those who chose to go with implants, here are some tips to help you care for them properly.

Make Some Adjustments in Your Dental Hygiene Routine

One of the first things to learn about any type of dental implant is that you still need to practice good oral hygiene. What will change is the types of products you use and how often you brush.

Plan on brushing twice a day and rinsing at least once. Your dentist will provide recommendations on how selecting a toothbrush with bristles that are hard enough to remove plaque but soft enough to not damage the caps. You’ll also learn how to avoid toothpastes that include abrasive ingredients and focus on those that remove any residue without scratching the caps.

Flossing is often discouraged when the patient has implants. That’s because the membrane found at the base of real teeth is longer present. If you can’t break the habit of flossing, make sure the floss does not come in contact with the gum.

Avoid Extremely Hot Foods and Beverages

While something warm is fine, food or drink that is boiling hot is no longer your friend. The heat can transfer through the gum tissue and to the metal implant. The heat concentrated in the implant will in turn damage the surrounding tissue. Since you need healthy tissue to hold the implant in place, learn to let things cool a bit before eating or drinking. As a general rule, anything that would singe the tongue is too hot for consumption.

Be Mindful of Chewing on Ice or Other Hard Substances

While your implants are tough, they are not indestructible. Just as chewing on ice or other hard substances can damage real teeth, the action can harm your implants. While the odds of the implants becoming loose are minimal, you could crack the cap. That will mean making a trip to the dental clinic and undergoing an examination for a new one.

Have Dental Cleanings Twice a Year

While your real teeth are history, all sorts of residue can still collect on and between the implant caps. Along with daily brushings and rinsing, set up appointments for dental cleanings. A professional will be able to remove any residue that is remains and examine the caps at the same time. The bonus for you is that it’s still possible to have that fresh sensation that always lingered for a few hours after you had your natural teeth cleaned.

Living with implants is not difficult. Compared with other solutions, taking care of them will be much simpler. Talk with your dental professional about more ways to care for the implants properly and put the advice to good use. With the right level of care, those implants could last the rest of your life.