Dental Anxiety

Get your Kids to Em-"Brace" Fixing Their Smile
17 July, 2017 Dental Anxiety,

Not everyone has the good fortune to have their permanent teeth come in straight and even. There are times when it’s necessary to arrange for a few dental procedures to correct those flaws. While the cosmetic angle is important, having the work done is ...

How Can I Talk With My Kids About Getting Braces?
13 June, 2017 Dental Anxiety,

Adolescence and the early teenage years are the perfect time to correct any dental issues like crooked teeth, over-bites, and other common problems. When your Barrie orthodontist has recommended that one of the kids be fitted with braces, it’s time to have the talk ...

Beat Dental Anxiety With These 3 Tips
3 May, 2017 Dental Anxiety,

Dental anxiety is nothing new. Even patients who approach the idea of settling into the chair for a routine cleaning may experience some degree of hesitancy or discomfort. There are a number of strategies you can employ to dial your anxiety down a few notches ...