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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

It is interesting to know that teeth contain hollow centres, which contain pulp. The pulp of a tooth consists of blood vessels and nerves. Blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to the tooth and nerves are responsible for the sense of feeling of the tooth.

Injuries like car accidents or any kind of hard blow can damage your teeth. A crack in the tooth can damage the living tissue contained within the tooth. Another common cause of damage to the pulp is tooth decay. Harmful bacteria break through your tooth’s outer shell and this forms an open cavity.

If the decay is not halted, it continues toward the pulp in the root of a tooth and eventually it results in irreversible inflammation. Without treatment, this leads to infection and an abscess may form. Abscesses cause severe discomfort and a neglected infection could spread to the surrounding tissues.

You may need a root canal treatment if the pulp in one of your tooth roots is damaged or infected.

Root canal treatment: What is it?

Root canal treatment is a type of dental treatment used to repair and save teeth that are badly damaged or infected. During the procedure, the pulp of the tooth is removed and the tooth is disinfected. Then a filling is put in place and the area is sealed.

Is root canal treatment painful?

Root canal procedures have a reputation of being quite painful. The truth is that root canal pain is not that bad. In fact, many people compare it to the level of pain experienced when having a filling placed.

Root canal treatment is extremely successful. At Barrie Smile Centre we are more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have concerning root canal treatment!

Root Canal Treatment

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