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At Barrie Smile Centre, we are proud to be able to offer state of the art dental solutions. The TEETH IN A DAY or ALL ON 4 dental procedure is an option for patients who are tired of their old, ill-fitting or loose dentures, or about to lose all of their teeth. With our experienced team of experts, we can restore your smile at a lesser cost, using fewer implants with virtually no pain… often in just one day!

Why Choose Us?

  • Since 2004, our dental surgeons been performing Teeth in a Day / All-On-4 procedures.
  • We have over one hundred clients who have had this procedure done and are extremely happy with the results
  • Drs Rob Eisen & Amir Guorgui have many years of experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • At Barrie Smile Centre, we offer several flexible payment options
  • The initial, no obligation consultation is always FREE ($100 Value)

Let us help you achieve the smile you have always wanted — We can provide you with a beautiful and natural looking smile that will help to give you the confidence you deserve!

Why Should I Consider the Teeth in a Day / All-on-Four Procedure? Is it right for me?

  • An affordable solution to restoring the aesthetics and function of your teeth
  • We are able to restore your teeth with minimal discomfort, most times in just one day
  • There is no long recovery time needed — you will be able to speak, eat, and smile the same day as the procedure
  • Eat and smile with complete confidence!
  • This amazing procedure can be safely done on most patients of any age
  • We can absolutely guarantee an improvement in quality of life - you can, eat, speak, and smile the way you used to
  • This is a one-time, long term solution to a problem — in most cases, these implants will last a lifetime

Getting ready for your all on four implants is simpler than many people think. Start by bringing all your medications and nutritional supplements in for a review. The goal is to determine if any of those products could complicate the procedure or your recovery.

It is advised that somebody accompanies you on the day of your procedure for comforts sake, because although you will be awake and monitored after the procedure is over, you can expect to be a little groggy. That is why having a friend or relative drive you home to ensure you’re comfortable is what we recommend.

Remember soft foods are a good thing for a few days. Stock up prior to the procedure for all on four in Barrie so you can take it easy during the recovery and not worry about going to purchase them afterward. Contact Barrie Smile Centre today if this is a procedure that you’re interested in and book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our dental experts to explore your options!

Request FREE No Obligation Consultation

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We Believe in Your Smile!



We are so excited to announce that the Royal College of Dental Surgeons has just given us the green light to begin seeing all non-essential and deferred treatment! Under the guidance of the RCDSO, all dentists in Ontario will now be able to re-open their practices for routine care and treatment. ​ Up until now, due to COVID19 pandemic restrictions, dentists have only been permitted to provide ​ emergency dental treatment. ​ This means that we have been unable to provide any other type of dental procedures since mid-March.

We can't wait to get back to work and begin seeing our patients again! We are spending this week implementing the changes mandated by the ministry of health and the dental association and will resume a normal schedule starting next week. You can rest assured that the safety of our community, our patients, and our team members are of utmost importance and we will have implemented additional safety measures and precautions. This is in addition to our already strict infection control protocols that were already in place.

Please be patient with us and give us some time to contact you; if you have had an appointment rescheduled, you are at the top of our list to call. We will be doing our best to ensure that everyone is re-booked as soon as possible. However, if you would like to get in sooner, or are having a concern, please feel free to give us a call.

What can I expect at my next dental appointment?

  • We will be ​pre-screening ​all patients prior to their appointments, and one more time upon arrival.
  • We are requesting that only the person who is booked for an appointment enter the office where ever possible (parents and caregivers will be permitted if necessary).
  • Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer at the front entrance, and also to wear a mask until you are seated in the treatment room. (A mask will be provided if you do not have your own)
  • We will be staggering appointment times to limit the number of people in our offices to promote and encourage physical distancing.
  • There are hand hygiene stations located throughout the offices.
  • We have installed plexiglass barriers in the waiting room to protect our patients and team members.


When exactly can I book an appointment?

  • We are seeing emergencies this week, but starting Mon, June 8th, we will begin seeing all patients with outstanding treatment

What procedures will we be able to do?

  • We will be able to perform all procedures, including extractions, fillings, root canal treatments, fabricating night guards and anything else that has been delayed due to COVID19

Will I be able to get my teeth cleaned and my regular recall exam (check up)?

  • We are hoping to begin scheduling hygiene appointments by the middle of June
  • As guidelines change this may be sooner or later

How will you contact me for my next appointment?

  • One of our team members will contact you to review your needs and schedule your appointment appropriately. We will be initially focussing on following up on emergency and urgent care. Please call, text or email us if you have a specific concern and we will respond ASAP.

Do we have enough PPE?

  • Absolutely! Our offices will be well equipped to keep you and our teams safe.
  • We have been providing emergency care throughout the pandemic with appropriate PPE

For anyone who may have missed our ​ Patient Information Webinar, here is the link to the recording:

It is our goal to keep you updated and well informed. Please ​ follow us on Instagram or Facebook ​ for the most up to date information.

💙 We believe in your smile

See you soon, Your Smile Centre