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At Barrie Smile Centre, we are proud to be able to offer state of the art, permanent dental solutions. The TEETH IN A DAY or ALL ON 4 dental procedure is an option for patients who are tired of their old, ill-fitting or loose dentures, or about to lose all of their teeth. With our experienced team of experts, we can restore your smile at a lesser cost, using fewer implants with virtually no pain… often in just one day!

Why Choose Us?

  • Since 2004, our dental surgeons been performing Teeth in a Day / All-On-4 procedures.
  • We have over one hundred clients who have had this procedure done and are extremely happy with the results
  • Drs Rob Eisen & Amir Guorgui have many years of experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • At Barrie Smile Centre, we offer several flexible payment options
  • The initial, no obligation consultation is always FREE ($100 Value)

Let us help you achieve the smile you have always wanted — We can provide you with a beautiful and natural looking smile that will help to give you the confidence you deserve!

Why Should I Consider the Teeth in a Day / All-on-Four Procedure? Is it right for me?

  • A permanent and affordable solution to restoring the aesthetics and function of your teeth
  • We are able to restore your teeth with minimal discomfort, most times in just one day
  • There is no long recovery time needed — you will be able to speak, eat, and smile the same day as the procedure
  • Eat and smile with complete confidence!
  • This amazing procedure can be safely done on most patients of any age
  • We can absolutely guarantee an improvement in quality of life - you can, eat, speak, and smile the way you used to
  • This is a one-time, long term solution to a problem — in most cases, these implants will last a lifetime

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