What to Consider When Looking for a New Family Dentist

30 January, 2018 Family Dentistry,

There are all sorts of reasons to look for a new family dentist. Perhaps you have elderly parents or other relatives who have become part of the household. Maybe your old dentist is retiring and you want to find a new one as quickly as possible. Whatever the motivation, it pays to consider several key factors before settling on a new family dentist. Here are a few points to think about as you conduct the search.

From Toddlers to Retirees

What are the age ranges of your family members? Along with yourself and your spouse, are the kids still pre-school age, or do you have some that are approaching the teenage years? If you do have a relative living with you, it pays to consider their dental needs as well.

This means you may be looking for a Barrie dentist who can handle everything from the adult teeth coming in to helping your retired parent make comparisons between dentures and dental implants. Understanding what sort of help each family member will need makes it easier to focus on practices that can accommodate everyone.

The Dentist’s Background and Experience

As you come across practices that seem to be a good fit for your family, learn more about the training and experience that the dentists bring to the table. It pays to know if the practice has been in business for a few years, and if the dentists worked with other practices prior to forming the one you are considering.

If there are several dentists in the practice, some of them may have more experience with certain age groups. You can get an idea of which one would be a good fit for your children, who would work well for you and your spouse, and which dental professional would be perfect for your elderly relative.

Reputation Counts

While you were able to find a lot of information on the practice’s website, spend a little more time finding out what others think about the family dentist in Barrie you are considering. Thanks to the different websites that allow patients to rate and provide comments about their experiences with medical professionals, you should have no trouble learning more about what makes them keep coming back to see the same dentist. If you like what you read, that practice is definitely worth considering.

Location Matters Too

Life can get busy and anything you can do to simplify things will help. When possible, find a practice in a convenient location. Perhaps one that is right on the way to work or school would be a good choice. Maybe one that is close to home and convenient to reach even during rush-hour traffic would work well for your family. A convenient location eliminates travel time and disposes of one more excuse that you and other family members may use to put off making a dental appointment.

When you do find a practice that seems perfect for the entire family, discuss it with every person in the household. Assuming they think it’s a good idea, set up a couple of appointments and see how things go. It won’t take long for everyone to undergo a first exam and decide that the choice was a good one.