What Are 3 Procedures an Emergency Dentist Can Provide?

29 March, 2018 Emergency Dentistry Service,

Emergency dentistry has to do with providing dental services when the need for attention is immediate. While there are many times when it’s fine to wait for a day or two, other situations call for help from a trained dental professional now. Among the support offered by emergency dentists, these three procedures are among the most common.

Treating Teeth That are Broken, Chipped, or Knocked Out

Tooth injuries can occur due to falls, automobile accidents, or being involved in some type of altercation. Whatever the origin, the result is one or more teeth that have sustained serious damage. Without immediate dental care, all sorts of problems can ensue.

With these types of injuries, seeing an emergency dentist at once is essential. There’s only so much time that can pass before attempting to reseat a tooth that is knocked is feasible. Cracked or chipped teeth will not heal on their own, and will certainly lead to a lot of additional pain if neglected for too long. The best move is to call for help quickly and let a professional take over by inserting the tooth again, applying veneers, installing crowns, or doing whatever can be done to save the tooth.

Replacing Lost Fillings

You may not think that losing a filling constitutes an emergency, but think of what can happen to the exposed area. With the filling gone, damage to the dentin is certainly possible. Nerve pain is also likely to follow soon. The exposed area can also begin to collect food particles, triggering another round of decay. Before you know it, the situation could escalate to the point that a root canal becomes necessary, or you could lose the tooth altogether. If that happens, it will be time to talk about implants, a bridge, or some other kind of replacement.

Instead of hoping there will be no pain or complications before the dentist can see you during the usual hours of operation, seek emergency care now. In the long run, your tooth has a better chance of avoiding more damage.

Dealing With Complications After Dental Surgery

Most dental surgery procedures lead to a successful recuperation period. Now and then, some sort of complication will develop. There’s no honor in enduring the pain until the clinic opens up tomorrow or after the weekend is over. Instead, you could be allowing the complication more time to develop into a full-blown infection or a condition that leads to enduring damage.

If something out of the ordinary is happening after you have dental surgery, don’t wait. Consider the event to be a real dental emergency in Barrie and seek immediate attention. Diagnosing and treating the complication will be much easier if it’s dealt with now instead of tomorrow or after a couple of days.

The bottom line is that if something is wrong with your teeth, seeking emergency dental care is the best move you could make. Doing so increases the odds of containing the problem and preventing other complications from developing. It also improves the chances of being able to keep that tooth for more years.