Stop Hiding Behind a Shy Smile and Open Wide

10 March, 2017

The years have taken a toll on your teeth. Between the forgetting to brush after meals and putting off dental checkups, the inclination has been to stop grinning and favor other people with what you hope is an enigmatic smile instead. Wouldn’t it be nice to laugh out loud or smile as broadly as you like without being self-conscious? You can by having a dental professional examine your teeth today.

What to Expect at the Checkup

Since it’s been years since your last dental checkup, the inclination is to expect the worst. In fact, things may not be as dire as you think. Even allowing for your sporadic brushing and not getting around to having your teeth professionally cleaned, the dentist may find only a few minor issues to address. If so, you may need nothing more than a good cleaning, a filling, and a firm commitment to come in at least twice a year from now on.

Whatever the outcome, expect the dentist to talk with you about setting up a schedule for any work that is needed. Even after the procedures are completed, you still need to come in at least once a year for a checkup and a second visit for a teeth cleaning.

A Refresher in Dental Hygiene

Even if your teeth are in fine shape, part of general dentistry is to talk with patients about dental hygiene. To that end, your dental team will talk with you about the day to day care of your teeth.

Part of the discussion will focus on the type of toothbrush you currently use. It could be that one with a different kind of bristles would be better for your teeth. Some time will be spent on what sort of ingredients need to be in your toothpaste. Patients who are not sure how to use floss properly will receive instruction in how to hold the floss, what movements are less likely to injure the gums, and how to dispose of the product properly.

Correcting General Issues

There are a number of ways to correct minor issues and restore your smile. Chipped teeth can be built up and capped with relative ease. Dental veneers help to fill in tiny spaces between teeth as well as provide a uniform color. In some cases, the professional may recommend removing a tooth that is crowding others. Once that’s done, wearing a retainer at night for a time will straighten any crooked teeth and allow you to feel more confident about gracing others with a toothy grin.

Replacing Teeth

It’s possible that one or more of your teeth are damaged to the point that solutions like fillings, caps, and veneers are not enough. That’s when the dental professional will want to talk with you about dental implants. Assuming your bone structure is strong enough, extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it with an implant is your best bet.

The implant fills the space recently vacated by the damaged tooth. A temporary cap is placed on the implant while a fitting one is fashioned. That new cap will look just like a natural tooth and blend in easily with the rest of your teeth thanks to a tinting process. The only people who will know the tooth is not real is you and your dentist.

You don’t have to grab a dinner napkin when you want to laugh or smile with your lips closed. See a professional today and begin the process of restoring your teeth. In less time than you expected, your teeth will look great and you can smile to your heart’s content.