Sleep Dentistry is the Answer for Dental Phobia

5 April, 2017 Sleep Dentistry,

While many people feel a little uncomfortable in a dental chair, others find the prospect of undergoing any kind of treatment to be more than they can take. That’s where the use of sleep dentistry comes into the picture. Patients with severe fears about everything from simple extractions to dental surgery find this approach helps them get through with no difficulty. Here are some of the things you should know about this approach.

How Does It Work?

The thing about sleep dentistry is that the patient is not fully asleep. The sedation methods may vary but the outcome is that the patient enters into a relaxed state that keeps all the fears at bay. At the same time, the patient is still conscious enough to respond to simple questions. Thanks to the use of some sort of sedation in Barrie, the patient and the dental team have an easier time.

The Patient is Not in Pain

Using sedation along with something to deaden the gum tissue ensures the patient does not experience any discomfort. One of the main reasons people feel anxious about seeing a dentist is the fear of pain. With this worry eliminated, it’s easier to drift away to a happy place and not feel a thing.

The Patient Remembers Nothing

After being revived, the patient will not remember any of the details about the procedure. The only memories are of drifting off and then waking up. It will take a moment or two before the patient realizes how much time has passed. Once the patient is sufficiently awake, the team will go over the after-care recommendations with the patient and with the person who came along to drive the patient home.

The Potential for Side Effects is Minimal

Some people worry that the sedation method used will cause some sort of issues after the procedure is over. Most people feel a little groggy for a few moments and are clear-headed by the time they leave the dental office. It’s unusual for a patient to experience upset stomachs, weakness, or even a headache due to the use of the sedation.

The Dental Team Can Work Faster

Another benefit of sleep dentistry is that the dental team can complete the procedure in less time. That’s because there is no need to check with the patient about what sort of feeling is present or deal with a number of other distractions. While the patient is not aware of the passage of time, knowing prior to the procedure that it will take less time is often comforting and helps to alleviate some fears.

If there’s the need to have some type of dental work done and you feel a great deal of anxiety, talk with the dental team about sleep dentistry. Ask any questions that come to mind and listen closely to the responses. After the team determines this method is right for you, it will be easier to schedule the procedure and look forward to enjoying a higher level of dental health.