How Do You Find Quality Dental Care in Barrie?

23 October, 2017 Family Dentistry,

As the 21st largest CMA in Canada, Barrie offers everything a family could want. That includes many dental practices that are happy to take on new clients. If you are new to the area and looking for a dental professional, finding the right one is easier than you think. Try these tips and you will soon find a practice that is perfect for your family.

Have a Word With the Family Doctor

You’ve already found a family doctor. Why not put that connection to good use? Based on the ages of your family members, your doctor can recommend several dentists in the area who would be a great fit. You may find that your doctor is willing to make inquiries on your behalf and find out which of those practices are currently accepting new patients.

Your Pharmacist Can Help Too

Pharmacists know the local medical community well. One word will be all it takes to have several recommendations for dental care in Barrie. Make sure your pharmacist know that you are looking for dental professionals who accept patients of all ages. That ensures the entire family can go to the same team of professionals even as the younger family members get older.

Check With the Neighbours

Your new neighbours are likely to know of at least a few dentists that are right for your family. They can provide first-hand feedback about the dentists they have used and which ones they continue to see. They can help you have an idea of which practices have courteous dental staff, who to avoid, and what to expect in terms of wait times.

Don’t Forget Co-Workers

Along with neighbours, co-workers can tell you quite a bit about your new city. That includes providing some suggestions about which dentists in Barrie you should contact. Some may offer to contact their dentists on your behalf and find out if they are accepting new patients. If the comments your co-workers offer sounds good, you may not need to search any further.

Look Online for Suggestions and Feedback

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to search for any type of services you want. That includes finding information about local dental practices. By visiting a few sites, you can learn more about the background and range of services offered by each practice. After finding one or two that appear to be right for the family, dig a little deeper. Read comments left by past and current patients. You will soon have a list of practices that are worth contacting.

After you have some leads, contact the ones that seem to be right for your family. Find one that is currently accepting new patients and schedule an initial exam. If all goes well with that first visit, you can rest assured that the family now has a dental professional who can help with everything from braces to dental implants. Should the visit turn out to be less than the pleasant experience you hoped to enjoy, there is always the option of trying one of the other suggestions you received.