5 Worst Food Choices for Your Teeth

21 February, 2017

It’s no secret that some foods are better for you than others. What you may not realize is that certain foods, including beverages, can be particularly rough on your teeth. Choosing to consume these in moderation may not cause a lot of problems but making them staples in your daily diet plan could pave the way for some serious dental issues. Here are five foods that you should either avoid or at least eat sparingly.

Sticky Foods are Not Your Friend

One of the ways you try to get some of the vitamins and minerals your body needs is by eating dried fruit. It’s convenient, easy to take along anywhere, and makes a great snack. Unfortunately, many forms of dried fruit are also sticky.

That sticky texture is what can be a little rough on your teeth. They tend to linger on the teeth longer and leave behind more residue. Since those dried fruits do contain a fair amount of sugar, frequent consumption without taking the time to brush thoroughly could damage the tooth enamel.

Concerns About Things That Crunch

Who doesn’t like something crunchy now and then? From potato chips to popcorn, there are usually some snacks in the house. You may also be in the habit of munching on cracked ice from time to time.

The wear and tear caused by crunchy foods can pave the way for cracks, erosion of the enamel, and possibly chipping a tooth. Exercise caution when you decide to have one of these snacks and break the habit of crunching on ice immediately. Making the latter change will decrease the odds of needing some type of cosmetic dentistry in the next several years.

The Matter of Sodas

Many people love sodas but they offer nothing in the way of nutrition. What they do offer is the potential to damage your teeth. It’s not just the sugar found in many sodas. Even sugar-free carbonated beverages contain ingredients with the potential to wear down your enamel and create stains. Your best bet is to get into the habit of reaching for water rather than a soda.

Being Careful With Citrus Fruits

There are a lot of good things about citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. One thing you need to keep in mind is the acid content in these types of fruits. By all means enjoy them, but be smart about it. After you have anything with a high acidic content, make it a point to brush your teeth or at least rinse the mouth thoroughly with water. Acid breaks down enamel and you could find yourself needing help from a Barrie orthodontist to undo the damage.

Coffee and Tea

You already know about the stains that can result from drinking a lot of coffee and tea. A cup or two a day is fine but remember to brush after each meal. You also want to schedule a dental cleaning at least twice a year and find out if a whitening treatment or two is in order. Reduce the risk by not adding sugar and cream since those little extras can also cause damage over time.

Your teeth are intended to last a lifetime. Learn how to minimize or avoid foods that could cause damage and focus on choices that will promote dental health. Along with seeing your dentist regularly, the right diet will go a long way toward making sure you have strong, healthy teeth.