4 Traits to Look For When Choosing a New Dentist in Barrie

23 March, 2018 General Dentistry,

Are you facing the task of finding a new dentist? While the process does take time, there are ways to narrow the scope and focus on potential dental professionals who have the qualities that you want. Here are four traits that should be considered essential before you even consider giving the practice a call.

Education and Training

What sort of educational background does the dentist possess? Take the time to find out where the initial training took place. Is it an institution known for providing high-quality education? If so, that’s a good sign.

Much emphasis is given to past training, but don’t overlook the efforts of the dentist to engage in continual training. A dental professional who attends seminars, stays on top of the latest developments in dentistry, and is always open to learning something new is one who will take good care of his or her patients.

Up to Date Equipment

What can you find out about the equipment used by the practice? Ideally, everything from the dental instruments to the chairs to the sterilization equipment is up to date. As in any type of medical office, up to date equipment is one of the ways that dental professional protect their patients from infections and other types of complications.

You can often find images of the exam rooms and other areas of the practice on the dentist’s website. Take a look at those images and decide if that dental office in Barrie is one that does place emphasis on only using the latest and the best equipment possible.

A Patient-Centric Approach

The best dentist in Barrie always places the well-being of the patients ahead of other concerns. There is always time to talk about dental hygiene questions, explore options for treating different conditions, and in general making sure the patient can discuss any dental related question without being embarrassed or self-conscious. As a true medical professional, the dentist wants the best for each patient and that fact is apparent by the way patients are treated.

Along with displaying a patient-centric approach personally, the dentist will require the same from every person who works for the practice. Patients with questions about their accounts, the status of an invoice, or how to change the date for a pending appointment always receive kind and professional treatment at the hands of every staff member. Anything less is not acceptable.


Location is a practical concern when choosing a dentist. Finding one who has all the traits you want and who also happens to be located close to home or your workplace makes it easier to get to and from those appointments. You will be less likely to put off making appointments for an annual exam, cleanings, and other essentials if you don’t have to drive across town in heavy traffic to get to the office.

Remember that the choice of a new dentist is squarely in your hands. Choose wisely and you will establish a working relationship that will last for a long time and provide quite a few benefits.